Single Component - Manual

Single Component - Manual

Chembar offers single component manual dispensing guns. These dispensing guns are cost efficient, and feature a well balanced, ergonomic design. Additional benefits include versatility in cartridge size, as well as trouble free operation.

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  • Albion Deluxe Manual Industrial Adhesive Dispensing Gun

    Albion 462-6 6 oz Deluxe Manual Industrial Cartridge Gun w/ Full Barrel

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  • COX 41001 single component dispensing gun

    COX 41004 (Chilton) 10.3 oz Catridges

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  • COX 41004-XT Dispensing Gun. Single Component.

    COX 41004-XT (Extra Thrust) 10.3 oz Catridges

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  • COX 51001 Adhesive Dispensing gun, Single Component - Manual Application

    COX 51001 (Avon 20 oz.) 10 oz/20 oz Sausages

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