Aerosol Adhesives

Aerosol Adhesives

Chembar aerosol adhesives are top performance adhesives neatly packaged into easy-to-handle and easy-to-store aerosol containers. These products offer a wide range of performance characteristics to choose from, for consistently reliable bonds. The versatility of our aerosol adhesives means they are ideal for a variety of industrial applications, including assembly operations, maintenance jobs and packaging. You will find the ideal adhesive for your application in the Chembar line. Our aerosol adhesives are formulated to work on paper, plastic, cardboard, foam, metal and more.

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  • Aerosol Adhesive: Camie 300

    Camie 300

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  • Aerosol Adhesive: Camie 303 High Performance Foam & Fabric Spray Adhesive

    Camie 303 Aerosol Adhesive

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  • Aerosol Adhesive: Camie 363

    Camie 363

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  • Aerosol Adhesive: Camie 365

    Camie 365

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  • Aerosol Adhesive: Camie 373 High Performance Adhesive

    Camie 373

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  • Camie 378 – Foam Safe Adhesive

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