Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation

The Chembar line includes an assortment of surface preparation products from Contec, Dow Corning, and Lord. Surface preparation textiles including tack cloths, cleaning wipes and microfiber cloths are available for a variety of surface preparation needs. Solvents for surface preparation include conditioners, primers and cleaners for use in conjunction with various materials and adhesives. Applications include cleanroom laundering, product painting and finishing, exterior surface cleaning, industrial maintenance, and more.

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  • Surface Preparation: Contec Microfiber Products

    Contec Microfiber Products

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  • Surface Preparation: Contec Presaturated Cleaning Wipes Canister

    Contec Satwipes Presaturated Solvent Cleaning Wipes

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  • Surface Preparation: Contec Tack Cloth

    Contec Tack Cloth

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  • Surface Preparation: LORD 459T primer

    LORD 459T

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  • Surface Preparation: LORD 7701 solvent-based surface conditioner

    LORD 7701

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  • Surface Preparation: LORD AP-134

    LORD AP-134

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  • Surface Preparation: LORD Chemlok 459X Primer

    LORD Chemlok 459X Primer

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