9924 Wash Primer

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Aeroglaze® 9924 is a two-part epoxy primer designed for use on aluminum, metal, and prepared composite surfaces. Aeroglaze 9924 primer/tie-coat can be applied to scuff-sanded urethane top coats and epoxy primers. It is also used as a tie coat between scuff sanded weather worn coatings and new urethane topcoats.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent Chemical and Corrosion Resistance
  • Lead and Chromate-free
  • VOC Compliant (310 gm/liter, 2.6 lbs/gal VOC)

For industrial/commercial use only.
Must be applied by trained personnel only. Not to be used in residential applications. Not for consumer use.

Four-hour workable pot life at 25°C (77°F). Mix only enough to be used in a four-hour period for ease of application and reduced waste.

Maximum cure time before topcoating is 18 hours.

Surface Preparation
For maximum corrosion protection and long service life, clean all substrates and properly prepare before priming.


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