Axson APF 7 High Service Temperature Filler Paste with cream hardener



Product Description

Axson APF 7 High Service Temperature Filler Paste: Available in quart size. Cost includes white cream hardener (unless you specify red or black).

Axson APF 7 is a quick setting industrial use filler paste. It is specifically formulated for use in the aircraft, aerospace, and other industries that perform manufacturing and repair work on items requiring above normal temperature ranges. The service temperature for APF 7 is up to 400°F (204°C). APF 7 is both chemical and water resistant, and may be used in underwater applications. Applications of APF 7 are both fast and permanent. Excellent machining and finishing results are achieved by grinding, sanding, scraping, etc. When exposed to elevated temperatures APF 7 has a tendency to darken, however it does not gas, bubble, or cause any finish distortion. This product does not contain wax and bonds readily to itself or other substrates such as FRP/SMC, high temperature epoxy molds, aluminum, steel, cast iron, urethane foam parts, and others. APF 7 is non-metallic, non-conductive, and non-sparking. It contains no styrene and is low odor.


  • Pot-Life (minutes) - 5
  • Hardness(Shore D) - 88
  • Density (lb/ft) - 14.2
  • Cure Time (minutes) - 15
  • Mix Ratio - 100:2
  • Service Temp (F) - 400


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