MLEX 2 Mold Life Extension Coating & Release Agent



Silicone and Urethane Mold Life Extender allows molds to last 10 times longer in production, in addition to releasing all thermoset resins including urethanes, phenols and epoxies.

EZ-Kote MLEX-2 is a non-transferring and environmentally friendly mold release designed specifically for urethane and epoxies.  EZ-Kote releases the molded parts easily, allowing for immediate mold prep, which aids in decreasing shot cycle time.

EZ-Kote Advantages:

  • No wax build-up, allowing molds to stay cleaner up to 10 times longer.
  • Reduces downtime between applications by providing a clean release.
  • Contains no VOC’s.
  • Instant curing helps reduce cycle time
  • Is effective with Integral Skin Foam and Rigid Foams.
  • Releases All Reinforced Plastics and Composites.


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